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First, After receiving the documents, we will revise the contents, count the number of the words and do some necessary pre-treatment. At the client's request, we may carry out estimation of fees within a few hours free of charge.
 Next,our Project Management assigned to the translator(s) with expertise in that specialized area.
Then A qualified and professional chief  translator(s) completes the translation of the document using the tools provided to ensure consistent language and verbiage throughout the document.
After initial translation, a specialized language editor proofreads the document for grammar and overall accuracy.
Understanding that each region is unique in its vernacular, linguistic styles and conventions, we choose editors from the area in which you intend to market your product or services to guarantee that the end product is appropriately localized to your intended market.
BOD has expertise in using the common latest softwares.
Applied software: Office, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Freehand, Framemaker, and Acrobat Reader
Translation Software: Trados, ForeignDesk
Once our language experts have approved the translation, our Desktop Publishing staff formats the translated text to meet a set of visual guidelines.
This takes into account not just the original document, but also, the accepted visual standards for that specific region.
Appropriate visual localization is just as crucial in creating a successful end product as the language translation itself.
Our goal in the QA process is for the end document to appear as though it were created in the target language for that target audience.
Our QA team, comprised of language and DTP experts, reviews the document in great detail looking for language, DTP, and localization issues.
Once the QA process is complete and the document certified, it is sent to the client for review and revisions